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About Us

HJA's long history in the North Texas area makes it uniquely qualified to perform the services requested by each client. The professionals at HJA have studied and evaluated soil and rock conditions throughout North Texas for many years and have the background to handle any condition. The Principal Engineers and Engineering Geologists have more than 70 years combined experience in the North Texas area. The professional Team at HJA includes licensed and specialty certified professional geotechnical engineers, graduate engineering geologists, ACI certified engineering technicians, and NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) certified engineering technicians for metallic coating inspections. An experienced cadre of support personnel is included in the HJA Team for providing CAD, word processing, human resources, general administration and accounting services.

HJA's Construction Materials Testing Field Technicians are ACI certified. They are highly skilled in performing standard testing procedures and also are proficient in several areas of less standard services, such as, NACE certified paint inspections and testing, Post-Tension inspections and measurements, and floor flatness measurements.

HJA provides an in-house laboratory operated under the guidelines of ASTM E 329. Two engineers licensed in the State of Texas oversee and review all work performed by the laboratory. All engineering laboratory personnel have been through in-house training programs for performing engineering laboratory tests in general accordance with ASTM/ TxDOT/ISRM test procedures.

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